What is the shelf life of pjur lubricants?

Because we use extremely pure ingredients, pjur personal lubricants generally have a shelf-life of five years. An actual best before date is shown on every product package. This shows the recommended period by which the product in question should be used. Once the product has been opened, it can be used for a further six months, unless the best before date expires at an earlier point in time.

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Are all pjur personal lubricants condom compatible?

All of the pjur personal lubricants undergo a condom test. So you can rest assured that all pjur personal lubricants are also compatible with latex condoms.

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Can I use pjur lubricants if I want to get pregnant?

pjur lubricants are absolutely neutral with regard to sperm activity. Our lubricants contain no spermicide substances and are not a contraceptive. The formulas are optimally aligned with the pH value of the woman’s genital area and thus do not affect the mobility or life expectancy of spermatozoa, nor does it have any influence on the natural vaginal fluid. pjur products stand out for their “neutral” behavior and optimal compatibility and have neither a positive or a negative influence on a desired pregnancy.

Can I use pjur sexual lubricants while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, you certainly can. Pjur sex lubes only use carefully selected, pure ingredients that meet extremely high quality standards. During this time, we particularly recommend using pjur med NATURAL glide with natural ingredients as well as pjur med PREMIUM glide and our pjur WOMAN Nude, which does not contain any preservatives. 

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Why should I use a personal lubricant?

Why should I use a personal lubricant?

Personal lubricants ensure your intimate area is well lubricated and prevent painful friction. As a result, you can have more intense sex using a personal lubricant and also explore more exciting techniques. This is because personal lubricants are extremely versatile. You can use them to enjoy sensual foreplay, a relaxing massage or to enhance pleasure during sex. Furthermore, personal lubricants are a must with anal sex because this area of the body does not produce any natural lubrication.